Three Free Ebooks

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We have published three incredible ebooks absolutely free! Below are excerpts from each book, and links to download them in pdf format.


Practical Tips for Organic Gardeners

Organic gardeners understand that soil is more than dirt: It is an intricate and highly sophisticated ecosystem. The most important elements of healthy soil are not “NPK”, but rather mulch, microbes, and moisture. When we feed the microbes with organic matter and provide them with water, they will create great fertile soil and take care of our plants. This is true for ornamental beds, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and lawns alike... Download 'Practical Tips for Organic Gardeners'


Products for Organic Gardeners

During the transition to organic practices, or in landscapes where large amounts of plant material are routinely removed by harvesting, nutrient amounts and ratios can be expected to be unbalanced, and soil biology to be damaged. This is especially the case where landscapes have been maintained with conventional management practices that included synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In these situations some products can help to re-establish the balanced soil, but these products are very different from conventional fertilizers... Download 'Products for Organic Gardeners'


Soil Testing for Organic Gardeners

We can spend all kinds of money on all kinds of tests to find out all kinds of things about our soil - but how useful is that information in helping us make organic gardening decisions? After all our garden is not a lab but a complex ecosystem which thrives through the interaction of a great diversity of organisms. The obvious starting point would be to check the 3Ms: mulch, microbes and moisture... Download 'Soil Testing for Organic Gardeners'

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