Organic Garden Tour

SpringRidge Commons, the only public garden on the tour

Join us for the 2nd annual SOUL Organic Garden Tour

Saturday, July 25th, 2009, 10am-4pm

Come celebrate summer with The Society for Organic Urban Land Care as we explore a diverse selection of 6 local organic

Edible, Flower, and Permaculture Gardens

Demonstrations at each site including:
Compost Tea
Bokashi & Effective Microorganisms
Sound Healing with Didgeridoo
Worm Composting
Aerobic Bin Composting
Permaculture Design Principles

All gardens within biking distance in
the Fernwood-Oak Bay area

Tickets $20
($10 for SOUL members)

Tickets available at:

  • Dig This (Oak Bay & Market Square)
  • The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre
  • Or contact Phil at 250-661-0383 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A sneak peek at the 6 featured gardens:

1. This public garden was designed to provide free, fresh organic food, conserve and recycle resources, create native bird and insect habitat, and generally improve the local quality of life. Didgeridoo sound therapy will be showcased.

2. Organic gardens don't have to be tidy! Full of fruits and veggies, this garden is more like nature intended - wild, diverse, healthy. We will be showcasing good, old-fashioned composting techniques.

3. Think you need a big space to grow food? Think again. The amount of food that comes out of this tiny space is incredible. This year, the homeowner is applying high quality aerobic compost tea, which will be demonstrated during your visit.

4. Permaculture is a method of designing sustainable human settlements that provide food, habitat, and ever-increasing abundance. This garden is a shining example of home-scale permaculture.

5. Flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, berries, combined into a beautiful garden right in the front yard. The back has a nice example of how to plant under a Garry Oak and a Cedar. Worm bins - incredible for composting - will be exhibited.

6. Organic gardens do not have to be messy either! This garden is tidy and beautiful and a good source of organic food. We will be demonstrating effective microorganisms and bokashi.

747 Princess Ave., Unit 48, Victoria, B.C.
V8T 1K5