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In Remembrance

Heide Hermary

30 September 1948 - 18 March 2016

"When we choose to dwell in joy and love every day, we lead enchanted lives and are so much more effective." Heide Hermary

In this spirit, Heide co-created Gaia College and SOUL, became an award winning educator, writer and active member of the organic land care community.

At Heide's request, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to SOUL.

We invite you to share your condolences, well wishes, pictures and stories with us by following this link by Arbor Memorial.



SOUL was formed in response to the growing need for ecologically responsible land care practices. We cultivate knowledge of organic land care and support its practice.

SOUL started by developing an organic standard for urban gardens to give a framework for home gardeners and landscape professionals to follow. A certification process to give our professional members an opportunity to prove their knowledge in organic gardening methods was then developed.

Having an Organic Land Care Standard provides the opportunity for dialogue with professionals, educators and the public on how we create and maintain landscapes and how all of this applies to the much larger area of urban development.  It has application to the chronic environmental challenges stemming from the past and more significantly to future land development.  

For education, Gaia College offers the extremely popular Organic Master Gardener course, which has now spread to many locations, with more to come! We also educate the public through the many free resources on this website and at various green industry events.

If you would like to get involved with SOUL, you can become a member through this website.  We rely on our members to promote SOUL's goals in their communitites; there are many ways to contribute and have fun, too!




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